Butterfly Tour

There are 800 to 900 suspected butterfly species in Bhutan, an exceptionally high number for a small country. Such a degree of biodiversity is attributable to the wide range of habitats found in the mountainous terrain together with the people's strong culture of stewardship. In this small selection, just 1 or 2 species from most families are illustrated. Most butterflies are beautiful and a few such as the Bhutan Glory and the Kaiser-I-Hind are internationally protected by the Convention on the Inernational Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), to which Bhutan is signatory. These very rare butterflies are not included in this booklet since they are rarely seen. Some butterfly species fly at 5000m while others prefer the lower valleys, some like grasslands, others forests, some prefer hot and dry, others cool and humid areas. Butterflies are excellent indicators of environmental conditions. When habitats are destroyed, butterflies are among the first species to disappear, often because their host plants disappear.