Pedalling On Himalaya’s : Cycle Tour

Biking in Bhutan allows you many opportunities for self reflection along with the absorbing, rich environment. There are also numerous opportunities for optional hikes with a bit of climbing thrown in. There are some challenging climbs with one in particular that is more than seven hours.

Depending on the choice of route, one can traverse long and winding roads passing through low foothills, the higher river valleys and the high Himalayas, the three zones that comprise the geographical variations of the country. The drama of magnificent scenes and sights unfolding with every turn of the wheel is something to fulfill a cyclist's dream. The best time for making the most of cycling in Bhutan are the spring months of March, April and May. Autumn months of September, October and November are equally excellent times as well. The following itinerary is a basic tour. Custom itinerary can be provided. Cyclist will be led and followed by two vehicles carrying baggage and mineral water at all times.